Products Supplied

fruit and veg

Fruit & Vegetables

Always freshly sourced only from our list of approved growers, we can guarantee that all products supplied will be the best that the market has to offer. With business associates in mainland Europe we can confidently procure worldwide produce 52 weeks of the year.



Our herbs are sold to suit your needs; sold in either 1kilo bags, 500grm catering packs or most commonly in 100grm chef packs. All herbs sold are subject to market availability.

sliced fruit

Prepared Vegetables, Fruits & Salads

Whatever your requirements we can oblige, from machine diced onion to hand cut fondant potato, tropical fruit salad or hand sliced apples; our nominated supplier can produce any finished product to suit all occasions.


At P K P we sell bread to suit your pocket; Kingsmill White, Wholemeal and Granary is our premium brand however we also offer very competitively priced own label products which offer a good year round alternative for the more price conscious.

Fresh Chips

Lords are our most popular fresh chip product, synomus with quality, reliability and produced by Aviko the market leader in this business. We also supply Sunny chips which account for 30% of our total sales produced by Aviko they offer you, the customer, a reliable and proven alternative to home made chips.


Dairy Produce

We added dairy produce to our product range in February 2006 since then we have seen sales rise year on year.


At P K we can supply 20litre vegetable oil (bottle in box) It’s long life soya oil and is naturally low in cholesterol. We also supply high quality Pomace oil, Mayonnaise and low fat margarines.

owlet juices

Local Juices

Made with Kentish fruit and produced in the Garden Of England we are proud to include our local and award winning juices to our product range. Whether you’re a shop or a canteen, a restaurant or a pub these juices offer a great tasting local theme, which I encourage you to support.